The Celiac Disease Foundation is hosting its annual National Conference and Expo this weekend Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st, 2016 in Pasadena, California. Bake Free is attending this unique and essential conference in order to follow up on all the new research regarding Celiac Disease. Many topics are discussed by professionals, medical doctors, researchers, registered dietitians, geneticists, and psychologists. It is important to note that the most impressive aspect of this newfound research is the psychological impact of the disease on the patient, especially on children. (Further information will be provided in a separate article)

New drugs to treat Celiac Disease were also discussed in this conference. A new vaccine is in the pipeline: Nexvax2; this vaccine could be a promising treatment for Celiac, but it's still in its early stages. So far, the only treatment for Celiac is a "STRICT ADHERENCE TO A GLUTEN-FREE DIET."

In addition to the conference, the expo is hosting more than 100 participants who are promoting the newest gluten-free products available in the market and online! These participants went through extensive trials to create products that are delicious, healthy, and of course, gluten-free!

Both, the conference and the expo, encouraged me to remain persistent and intentional in my efforts to stay updated with the new findings, which include professional opinions on how to cope with Celiac Disease, as well as tips that provide the opportunity to enjoy a healthy lifestyle in spite of the disease. I’m attending this annual conference and sharing with you all everything I learn so that we can promote awareness on this autoimmune disease and together find ways to better manage it.