It’s spring and strawberries are everywhere! Red, fresh, juicy, plump, … You just want to buy them all. What to do with these delicious strawberries? How about a decadent white chocolate cheesecake with fresh strawberries! This cheesecake is delicious and requires no baking at all, so it’s really easy to prepare. It is also gluten-free and egg-free! Just follow the steps and you will end up with a professional looking white chocolate cheesecake. Indulge in the sweetness and share with family and friends!

Ingredients (Base)

Yields: 10 slices

- 1 ½ cups (150 grams) of crushed gluten-free digestive biscuits like Schar or Gullon
- 2 tbsp. (20 grams) melted butter

Ingredients (Filling)

- 1 cup (175 grams) gluten-free white chocolate chips like Hershey’s
- ½ cup (125 ml) milk
- 1 tsp (7 grams) gelatin powder like Knox
- 1 tub (8 oz. or 225 grams) low-fat cream cheese like Philadelphia
- 1 tsp vanilla
- 250 grams fresh strawberries

Method (Base)

  1. Put the biscuits in a Ziploc bag and crush them with a roller pin.
  2. Put the crushed biscuits in a bowl, add the melted butter, and mix well using your hands.
  3. Line a rectangular glass container (around 27 cm) with cling film.
  4. Press the crumbs in the bottom of the container.

Method (Filling)

  1. Keep the cream cheese outside the fridge for couple of hours to become soft.
  2. Put a pot of water on the heat and let it simmer.
  3. Put the white chocolate chips in a glass bowl on top of the simmering water.
  4. Let the white chocolate melt gently on low heat.
  5. Meanwhile, heat the milk in the microwave until very hot.
  6. Add the gelatin powder to the milk and stir well until it dissolves completely.
  7. Add the milk and gelatin mixture to the chocolate and fold in the cream cheese.
  8. Mix well until all the ingredients are well-integrated.
  9. Slice the strawberries and keep 2 with their stems on for decoration.
  10. Put a layer of chocolate-cream cheese mixture on top of the base.
  11. Put a layer of slice strawberries. Make sure you fill the sides with strawberries too.
  12. Add another layer of chocolate-cream cheese mixture and smooth the top with a spatula.
  13. Put the glass container in the fridge for few hours, preferably overnight.
  14. Lift the cheesecake gently from the glass container using the cling film and put it on the serving plate. 
  15. Decorate with sliced strawberries.