This is a delicious vegetarian pasta dish. It is very light and refreshing in this hot summer! Try it and enjoy it with the whole family. I used gluten-free pasta "Schar", but you can use regular pasta if you can eat gluten. It’s very tasty!


Yields: two portions

- 250 grams gluten-free fusilli pasta "Schar"
- 2 tbsp. canola oil
- 2 tbsp. olive oil
- 1 medium white onion, finely diced
- 1 clove of garlic, crushed
- 1 large eggplant, cubed (with skin on)
- 200 grams cherry tomatoes cut in half
- 2 tbsp. toasted pine nuts
- 2 tbsp. chopped green basil
- ¾ tsp salt
- Freshly ground black pepper
- ½ tsp chili flakes (optional)
- More basil for garnish


  1. Cook the pasta as per package instructions.
  2. Drain the pasta and keep aside (Keep ½ cup of the pasta water).
  3. Put the oil (canola and olive oil) in a pot on the stove.
  4. Add the onions and ½ tsp of salt.
  5. Cook the onions until translucent and soft.
  6. Add the garlic and cook for 1 minute.
  7. Add the cubed eggplant and sauté until tender.
  8. Add the cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, and chopped basil and keep stirring.
  9. Add some more salt and black pepper to taste.
  10. Add the chili flakes if using.
  11. Add the cooked pasta and toss together with all the other ingredients.
  12. Add some pasta water to the mix if it is too dry.
  13. Serve the pasta in a serving plate, and garnish with some more basil leaves.
  14. Add some grated parmesan if you can eat dairy products.