This recipe has two basic recipes in it, basic gluten-free piecrust, which you can use in several recipes, and oven-roasted vegetables, which you can also use as a side dish next to steak or fish.

Ingredients (Basic Gluten-Free Pie Crust)

Yields: Six portions

- ½ cup white rice flour
- ½ cup corn meal (very fine corn flour and not corn starch)
- ½ cup potato flour
- 1 ½ tsp xanthan gum
- 75 grams butter or coconut shortening (if you cannot eat dairy products)
- 2 tbsp olive oil
- 3-4 tbsp ice-cold water
- ½ tsp salt


  1. Mix the flours with the xanthan gum and salt.
  2. Add the butter (or shortening) and rub with your fingers.
  3. Add the olive oil and rub the mixture until you get a flaky paste.
  4. Add the cold-water one spoonful at a time, while kneading.
  5. Stop adding water when you feel that the pastry is smooth.
  6. Wrap in cling film and put in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Ingredients (Oven-Roasted Vegetables)

- 2 zucchinis cut into big chunks
- 2 carrots, chopped
- 1 medium size eggplant, cut into big chunks with skin on
- 12 fresh mushrooms cut in half each
- 12 cherry tomatoes
- 10-12 pearl onions (very small onions)
- 1 cup pumpkin, cubed
- 3 tbsp olive oil
- 2 sprigs rosemary
- 3 basil leaves, finely chopped
- 1 tsp salt
- Freshly-ground black pepper


  1. Put all vegetables in a big bowl.
  2. Add to them the oil, salt, pepper, rosemary, and basil.
  3. Mix altogether very well, and spread in an oven tray.
  4. Roast the vegetables in a pre-heated oven (200°C) for around 1 hour, or until the vegetables are tender.

How to Prepare the Pie

  1. Take the pie crust pastry out of the fridge and roll it between two sheets of nylon or cling film using a rolling pin.
  2. Carry the pastry with the help of the nylon sheet and lay it on a baking sheet.
  3. Pile the oven-roasted vegetables in the middle of the pastry and fold the sides in.
  4. You can add some pieces of goat cheese if you can eat dairy products.
  5. Return to the oven and bake for 25 minutes, or until the sides of the crust are crisp and golden.